Begin With WE: Cultivating a Culture of Excellence With Kyle McDowell

Kyle McDowell

Kyle McDowell is the Founder of Kyle McDowell Inc. and a former corporate executive of three Fortune 10 firms turned best-selling author, speaker, and leadership expert. With nearly three decades of experience, Kyle is widely known for his inspiring approaches to leadership, transforming bosses into leaders, and reshaping corporate cultures. In his best-selling book Begin With WE, Kyle shares 10 guiding principles necessary to build and sustain a culture of excellence. Today, he is regularly invited to speak at various events and has been featured in major publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Inc.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Kyle McDowell discusses Begin With WE and the inspiration for writing the book
  • What is the meaning behind Kyle’s 10 WEs?
  • The importance of authenticity in the workplace
  • WE challenge each other: Kyle explains why this is his preferred WE
  • Why personal and team challenges are indicative of a thriving work environment
  • How Kyle’s coaching and speaking business fuels his passion for helping others

In this episode…

Corporate America continues to encourage its employees to strive for excellence and success, but achieving greatness often requires a collaborative team effort. However, many individuals prefer to be recognized for their personal achievements rather than focusing on the collective success of the team. How can leaders encourage employees to value teamwork and collaboration over personal gains?

Seasoned executive leader Kyle McDowell has discovered through his various experiences that people want to be led with authenticity and transparency and be recognized for their contribution to making an impact. To offer his insights into creating and sustaining a culture of excellence, he created the 10 WEs, a set of principles prioritizing a WE culture at the center of a company's success. In this eye-opening discussion, Kyle expounds on some of his favorite principles, including WE always do the right thing, WE challenge each other, and WE embrace challenges. Above all, WE say what we will do and follow through. Kyle emphasizes that failing to hold yourself and your team accountable creates a culture of distrust, which goes against the second principle of WE lead by example.

Join Matthew Connor in this episode of The Cyber Business Podcast, where Kyle McDowell, Founder of Kyle McDowell Inc., discusses his book, Begin With WE. Kyle reflects on his inspiration for writing the book, explains a few of his revered principles, and shares his passion for leadership coaching. 

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