Discover if any of your passwords are currently being traded on the dark web.

Personal Information

PII or Personally Identifiable Information such as social security numbers, phone numbers, and addresses..

Email Addresses

Discover which of your email addresses are exposed to hackers on the dark web.


Big breaches such as Target and Audi expose millions of people's PII. Discover what has been leaked about you.

What is The CyberLynx Dark Web Scan?

The CyberLynx Dark Web Scan is a cutting-edge procedure where we meticulously scour the depths of the dark web to uncover any exposed or illicitly traded information. Our expert team conducts an extensive search, unveiling hidden secrets, and crafting a comprehensive report exclusively for our valued clients.

We search the dark web for any trace of your name and email address

What this episode of The Cyber Business Podcast where we go through it in detail.

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  • Why do I care?

    Having knowledge of what exists on the dark web regarding your personal information gives you a significant advantage. If your passwords have been compromised and you continue using them, your accounts are more susceptible to being compromised. Identifying which passwords have been exposed provides you with the chance to alter them before hackers can exploit them.

  • How does it work?

    It's simple. You simply click the "Get Started" button and fill out the form requesting a CyberLynx Dark Web Scan. We'll do the research, produce the report, and send it to you within 48 hours.

  • Can I do this for my entire business?

    You sure can. We can run do the research for one individual or for your entire company. For your entire company, we will search for your entire domain (i.e. We'll produce the report and send it to you.

  • Do you offer continual dark web monitoring?

    We sure do. We can monitor your entire company and send alerts of any breach or new information as they happen. This is a great way to stay ahead of the bad guys.

  • What happens after I purchase it?

    You'll receive and email with a link to schedule a 20-min call to go over the results of your scan. In that meeting we'll go over the results with you and answer any questions you have. During the call we'll email you the report for you to keep and review on your own.

  • What will I take away from this?

    You'll leave the call with a solid understanding or what information about you if being sold on the dark web, a report that encompasses that information, and a clear plan for the steps you can start taking right away to safeguard yourself and your company.