Co-Managed I.T. Services

Empower and support your in-house I.T. 

What Is Co-Managed IT?

Co-managed IT unlocks the potential to delegate IT responsibilities that overwhelm your internal team or fall outside their expertise to a seasoned external IT service provider.

Envision it as seamlessly bridging the void with a collaborative team strategy, eliminating the necessity to onboard, educate, and oversee more personnel.

What Are Co-Managed IT Service Providers?

Co-managed IT partners provide a broad spectrum of additional IT and technological assistance designed to bolster your organization's capabilities. Such assistance encompasses a diverse range of services, including but not limited to, comprehensive help desk support, cybersecurity measures, network oversight, and software license management. Opting for co-managed IT solutions translates into substantial savings compared to handling all these tasks internally, offering an effective strategy to enhance your IT team's functionality without straining your financial resources.


What Co-Managed IT Services Does CyberLynx Offer?

Every business has its unique set of IT capabilities and challenges. Perhaps your cybersecurity is top-notch, yet your team is stretched thin managing customer support queries. Or, your help desk might be adequately staffed, but concerns about your backup and disaster recovery readiness linger. At CyberLynx, we offer an extensive array of co-managed IT services tailored to craft a support strategy that aligns perfectly with your company's specific needs.

Here’s a short list of what we offer!

Help Desk
CyberLynx offers a U.S.-based help desk support team, staffed by trained technicians who will answer your call quickly and professionally. This quick response ensures prompt resolution for any problem, big or small.
Onboarding and Offboarding
From day one, CyberLynx delivers an excellent customer experience. Our onboarding process is a key part of establishing services and bringing your people on board, and our offboarding helps ensure your users are safely disengaged from your systems.
Software Licensing and Renewals
Say goodbye to the stress of handling your organization's software needs. CyberLynx provides comprehensive support services, from obtaining your initial software licenses to ensuring seamless renewal processes.
Network Management and Monitoring
CyberLynx provides 24/7 monitoring and management of your network, including routers, firewalls, and switches. Our monitoring programs quickly detect and report failures so our technicians can provide fast support.
Backup and Disaster Recovery

Is your data protected? Without a robust backup and disaster recovery plan, it may be at risk when a crisis arises. CyberLynx will help you choose, deploy, and manage the backup and recovery solution that’s best for your business.

Software Patches and Upgrades
Neglecting software updates and patches exposes your systems to vulnerabilities. Let CyberLynx take the reins, guaranteeing your software remains current and bolstering your security defenses.
Halting cyber threats effectively demands significant dedication of both time and assets. Should your internal team find themselves overwhelmed, rest assured: CyberLynx offers round-the-clock cybersecurity defense.
Documentation & Strategic Planning

When your IT crew is swamped, navigating through the chaos without losing sight of your goals can be daunting. CyberLynx is here to assist in crafting comprehensive documentation and developing a strategic blueprint tailored specifically for your organization.

Employee Training
CyberLynx can provide training to your users that ranges from software and systems to proper cybersecurity protocols. We’ll help make sure they understand what’s expected and why it’s important to the success of your organization.
Specialty Services
Every business is unique. CyberLynx takes an adaptable, responsive approach that lets us deliver specialty services tailored to the needs of your business.

Why Choose a Co-Managed IT Model for Your Business?

One way to guarantee problems for your business is to overwork and overwhelm your IT team. Not only does that lead to more errors, but it also makes it impossible for them to focus on the strategic priorities that would help you grow your business. But with co-managed IT services from CyberLynx, you’ll have the IT support you need to help your people and business thrive. Here’s why.

Why choose co-managed IT?


Your in-house IT department is swamped. Taking vacations, sick time, or unplanned leave is often a serious problem, and the team is showing signs of burnout.

Focus on Success

You want to focus your current team on projects they excel at and that drive the business forward, but daily routine tasks are bogging them down.

Maintenance Overload

Important and proactive maintenance isn’t getting done. Urgent problems always seem to crop up, distracting your staff from critical patching, updates, and monitoring.

Rapid Growth

Your business is growing and you need to scale up quickly, but you don’t have the budget or the time to hire additional headcount. You need interim short-term help to get to the next level.

Hybrid Work Environment

The bulk of your employees are still remote. You don’t feel comfortable that you have the right services in place, especially security policies and practices.

Lack of Expertise

You have big gaps when it comes to specific expertise that’s badly needed, and finding the right talent is like looking for a needle in a haystack! Good talent is hard to come by these days and demands a high salary.

The Business Benefits of a Co-Managed IT Model

The primary benefit of co-managed IT is the ability to supplement any gaps your team might have. This lets you focus on long-term goals and strategic projects and initiatives that drive productivity and efficiency throughout the company, while we backfill the work your team hasn’t been able to address.

Here’s a list of pragmatic benefits:

Cost Efficiency

Cost Efficiency

Hiring, training, and retaining top IT talent has become time-consuming and expensive, if not impossible.

Risk Mitigation

Risk Mitigation

Most organizations don’t have the budget to bring in true cybersecurity expertise and the enterprise-grade tools and systems you need for proper protection.


Project Completion


Project Completion

In-house IT teams are often underwater just trying to keep up with day to day tasks, never mind taking on new projects.


Access to Expertise and Tools

Access to Expertise and Tools

Solution architects, CIOs, CISOs, Microsoft and Apple technicians, cloud IT consultants, and more are at your disposal. Get access to high-end tools such as ITGlue and ConnectWise, plus round-the-clock security systems, cloud backup solutions, managed data centers … the list goes on.


What Does Co-Managed IT Cost?

What would it cost to hire all the resources you really need to fill out your team? Could you get all the expertise you need just by hiring an extra head or two?

Or does it make more sense to purchase a flexible suite of services to fill your most needed gaps?

Here are some average salaries to think about, along with recommended staffing levels. This doesn’t include overhead/labor burden (around 20%-30%) or technician utilization (around 70%).

What Does Co-Managed IT Cost?

IT average salaries

In our experience, companies reach a certain size and find themselves in a precarious situation. They’re big enough to need a professional-grade IT department, but they can’t afford to add significant overhead in IT tools and staff – particularly IT specialists with skills and tools that are needed only part-time.

An Extension of Your IT Team

With co-managed IT services from CyberLynx, you’ll have access to our roster of experts. From cybersecurity to help desk support to software deployment and more, we’ll give your IT team the support that they need to keep your operations running smoothly.

IT Services and Solutions for Businesses

When your IT infrastructure is neglected or compromised, your entire organization is at risk. Yet many businesses lack the time and in-house resources to properly manage and maintain their technology, support their end users, stay on top of cybersecurity demands AND keep specialty projects moving forward.

If this sounds familiar, CyberLynx can help. We offer co-managed IT services designed to supplement your team and fill in the gaps where you need some extra support.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • We don’t replace your IT staff – we augment your team and make it better.
  • You don’t have to add or manage expensive headcount.
  • Your IT team gets access to the same powerful IT automation and management tools we use.
  • In the unexpected event your IT leader can’t perform their job or if disaster strikes, we can instantly provide support.
  • You get access to an entire team of IT pros who do this for hundreds of other clients every day of the week.

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