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Dependable Help Desk Services 

CyberLynx Help Desk Services provide your team with immediate assistance, when they are having technical difficulties. No matter what the issue, your team can simply call, text, email, or chat and get immediate help from your designated techs. This way you know your techs and they know you. You will NEVER be connected to a tech from some call center who doesn't know you and your team. You will get excellent support from your designated, friendly, local techs.

What are Managed Help Desk Services?

Managed Help Desk Services are all the services you would receive if you hired a team of I.T. professionals to support your company when they have technical issues, except at a fraction of the cost. It's an excellent option for smaller companies that don't have enough need to justify the cost of hiring a full-time I.T. professional. It's also an excellent option for larger companies that want to free up their I.T. staff to be able to focus on their other work and duties without being interrupted with having to provide end-user support.

What are the benefits?

Cost Saving-21. Save Money on I.T.

Outsourcing is one of the best ways of saving your company money without sacrificing quality or performance. Unlike employees, you won't have the overhead expenses of training, benefits, and equipment, but you will have the benefit of having the same dedicated technicians, as if they were your own in-house employees, except at at a much lower cost. 


IncreaseEfficiency-12. Increased Productivity 

Whether you have an in-house I.T. department or someone in the company who is good with technology who has become the de facto company tech, outsourcing your I.T. help desk needs greatly increases everyone's productivity in numerous ways. First, by reducing the amount of time people waste trying to solve a problem themselves. Second, by freeing up your I.T. staff, or your de facto technician, to focus on larger projects or in the case of the de facto technician who now gets to focus exclusively on the job they were hired to do. Third, your problems are resolved faster and your employees get back to work sooner. 

ReduceTime3. Save Time

Outsourcing your Help Desk reduces the amount of time employees are down waiting for I.T. Our average time to resolve an issue is 15.5 minutes, which means from the time your employee calls in with a problem to the time it takes to resolve the issue and have them back to work, is about 15 minutes. Now think about how long that it currently takes you to get a problem fully resolved.


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