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Top 12 Cybersecurity Consulting Companies in Washington D.C.

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With the number of cyber-attacks increasing with technology progressing and companies becoming more connected to the internet, the need for cybersecurity is non-negotiable. A cyber attack can interfere with your operations and cause significant damage to your company and customers.

Even organizations that have the most security have found themselves dealing with a cyber attack. According to a WEF report, cybersecurity measures already put into place are barely making a mark when protecting businesses. This is mainly because hackers are becoming more sophisticated in their hacking abilities.

However, even with hackers becoming smarter, this doesn’t mean that cybersecurity measures don’t work. With the help of cybersecurity consulting companies, you can protect your company from a cyber attack. Cybersecurity consultants are bringing their capabilities along that IT teams may not possess.

As you continue reading below, we’ll discuss what cybersecurity consulting is and the top 12 cybersecurity consulting companies in Washington, D.C.


What is Cybersecurity Consulting?

The job of a cybersecurity consultant involves analyzing your company’s systems and software to detect any potential threats. When threats are found, cybersecurity consulting companies will create a solution to eliminate or reduce those risks.

The primary focus of cybersecurity consulting companies is to create protocols and guides to ensure that your company’s assets remain protected and your data is maintained. As companies struggle to keep up with the increasing threat of cyber attacks, more are turning to cybersecurity consulting companies.


Best 12 Cybersecurity Consulting Companies in Washington D.C.

Here are the top 12 cybersecurity consulting companies in Washington, D.C.

  1. Dataprise

With Dataprise cybersecurity consulting, you can stay ahead of cyber attacks with around-the-clock monitoring and protection. Dataprise offers MDR services that use their “always on technology” to identify and stop cyber threats and suspicious activities.

Their cybersecurity consultants will start at the source by monitoring your firewalls, networks, and security data to identify present threats and potential new ones. Your data will venture through their endpoint security monitoring, the first step to preventing, detecting, and remediating a cyber threat.

At Dataprise, you’ll receive top-notch services from consultants that will detect, validate, respond, and report the data needed to protect your company from threats till the very end. 

2. Integris

Integris provides cybersecurity consulting services for organizations of all sizes. Regarding cyber attacks, it doesn't matter if you're a small or large business; no one is safe from a cyber attack. As a matter of fact, small businesses, in particular, have the most to lose since they're limited in resources.

At Integris, you’ll have access to their platform, ensuring that your employees, customers, and business partners are equipped with the best protection using advanced tools. At Integris, their consultants will find cyber threats before they can damage your organization.

Integris can create a solution that aligns with your company’s needs and requirements while not affecting the integrity of their work. Their consultants offer multiple tools, such as security monitoring and troubleshooting, to keep your company fully secure.

To discuss strategies, solutions, and services, Integris offers a free ten-minute consultation for its customers.

3. Red River

At Red River, their cybersecurity consultants work daily to defend your company's infrastructure and monitor your networks around the clock. Red River uses many tools to protect organizations from malicious activity and provide some of the best offerings to their clients.

One of the best offerings that Red River provides is its multi-factor authorization. With multi-factor authorization, they can protect and grant access to specific documents using a multi-layer protection tool that starts the moment an employee signs in. 

4. Iron Range Cyber

With the cost of cybersecurity sometimes being overpriced and complicated, at Iron Range Cyber, their consultants strive to make defending your company simple, cost-effective, and transparent. They offer cybersecurity consulting services to large corporations, mid-sized companies, and small businesses.

With their security-first efforts, they’ve made themselves one of the top companies for cybersecurity outsourcing. Iron Range Cyber offers services to healthcare providers, universities, and more. In addition, Iron Range Cyber also has a remote team that will provide around-the-clock support, a cyber defense strategy, detection and response capabilities, and threat intelligence. 

5. Visore Security Solutions

Visitor Security Solutions is one of the best cybersecurity consulting companies in Washington, D.C. With their cybersecurity solutions, they will provide a complete view of your cyber assets across all types of platforms. Their cybersecurity consultants can quickly pinpoint a potential cyber threat to your company’s assets before they have a chance to create significant damage.

With Visore’s advanced tools, they can automate and integrate with existing cybersecurity tools within your organization. In addition, they can also swap out old cybersecurity tools for newer ones without disrupting business operations.

Visore Security Solutions is so confident in its services that they offer a thirty-day free trial to its new clients. 

6. Bladestack

At Bladestack, their cybersecurity consultants know exactly what your company needs to remain secure. Their consultants can identify any vulnerabilities within your organization on the cloud and with other outside applications. At Bladestack, they will discover and remediate any issues created by cyber threats and attacks.

With their vulnerability scanning capabilities, they can swiftly run an internal and external scan of your systems. Their vulnerability management offerings will strengthen your company’s ability to identify risks before they occur and allow you to take a more proactive approach when securing sensitive data.

7. Capital Techies

At Capital Techies, their cybersecurity consultants are provided with top-of-the-line training, use the best techniques and tools, and have the best leadership and support. They offer cybersecurity consulting services to small and mid-sized companies worldwide, expanding to eighteen countries.

As a cybersecurity service provider, their consultants can meet your company’s unique requirements and challenges to develop the best cybersecurity solutions from start to finish. They are among the highest and most affordable cybersecurity consulting companies in Washington, D.C.

8. US Resources, Inc

With cyber-attacks increasing by over four hundred percent over the past couple of years, the need for cybersecurity consultants is at an all-time high. When working with US Resources, your company will be provided with constant monitoring of cyber threats and quick response times.

Not only do their services cover cybersecurity, but they also cover risk assessments, maintenance, and remediation when a cyber attack occurs. US Resources provides around-the-clock monitoring of your sensitive data at a cost you can afford.

9. ICF

ICF is one of the top cybersecurity consulting companies in Washington, D.C. They not only provide services locally but globally, too! At ICF, their team of cybersecurity consultants will deliver and provide guidelines to strengthen your company in any situation.

With their integrated training simulation, your organization will get a test run of a live cyber attack with malware to prepare your employees for when an actual cyber attack occurs. Their cybersecurity consultants have decades of hands-on experience to protect your organization from its foundation. 

10. IronNet Cybersecurity

At IronNet Cybersecurity, their consultants use only the best products to deliver the top defense mechanisms around the globe. From industry to government agencies, their cybersecurity consultants can plan and defend against any cyber attack. 

IronNet protects every client with top-of-the-line security technology to address cybersecurity threats globally. Their IronDefense product is one of the best tools to detect and stop a cyber attack in its tracks.

In addition to IronDefense, they also have IronDome. IronDome is one of the first automated defense solutions to identify threats across organizations at lightning speed. 

11. Good Harbor

Good Harbor has a group of elite cybersecurity consultants that has built its reputation for helping CEOs, investors, and government leaders. Their cybersecurity consultants will develop a thorough analysis of cyber threats and create a plan with the best solutions to help mitigate those risks.

Their consultants can also help your organization develop response plans to manage a cyber attack effectively. They help their clients create third-party resources to prioritize and reduce risks from other organizations. Good Harbor has globally made its presence known, having worked in multiple locations such as the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.


12. CyberLynx

Rounding off our list as one of the top cybersecurity consulting companies in Washington, D.C., is CyberLynx. We couldn’t leave ourselves out of the mix! At CyberLynx, we offer three options to ensure your company stays ahead of a cyberattack.

Our Intrusion and Response option will allow our consultants to efficiently monitor your systems around the clock for signs of a cyber attack before it occurs. We use AI with our team of expert consultants to plan and remediate a cyber-attack when it happens. 


Cybersecurity Consulting Companies: FAQ

1. What are the top cybersecurity consultancies?

The top cybersecurity companies are CyberLynx, Dataprise, Red River, and Integris.

2. How much should I charge as a cybersecurity consultant?

The average hourly rate that a cybersecurity consultant charges is $145, with the average day rate hovering around $870.

3. Are cybersecurity consultants in demand?

Cybersecurity is considered an in-demand field, offering potential growth and allowing advanced opportunities. 

4. What does a cybersecurity consultant do?

A cybersecurity consultant is responsible for assessing your systems and network, scanning for vulnerabilities, and developing a solution to protect your company from cyber threats. 


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