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The Top 9 Small Business Cybersecurity Consulting Services For 2023


The ever-growing technological advancements have made organizations and people more connected than ever. These networks connecting large and small companies are also the same networks vulnerable to cyber threats. Cybersecurity consulting services are a must-have for every organization because they rely heavily on networks to promote their services online for financial transactions.

The cost of cybersecurity consulting services vary with each company, and many small business may need more resources to invest a large amount of money. Even with limited resources, all small businesses should have cybersecurity measures to protect themselves and their customers from cyber threats.

As you continue reading below, we’ll discuss why cybersecurity is essential for small businesses and the top 9 small business cybersecurity consulting services for 2023. 

Why Cybersecurity is Essential for Small Businesses

With large corporations having the resources available to make the best investments in cybersecurity services, small businesses may need the means to do so. Despite limited resources, cybersecurity consulting services are essential to ensure your business operations run smoothly. Even taking the most minor security protocols can assist in preventing several cyber threats.

You don’t need to break the back when hiring a cybersecurity consulting company while operating a small business. You’ll first want to determine your requirements and budget to determine what security measures your company requires to protect its operations and assets to the fullest.

So, how can small business cybersecurity consulting services help you? Let’s find out!

9 Small Business Cybersecurity Consulting Services

Here at the 9 best small business cybersecurity consulting services for 2023. 

1. CyberLynx

CyberLynx is one of the best small business cybersecurity consulting services. They offer their “stay in the lane” technology that will keep your applications operating the way they’re intended to. This technology eliminates the possibility of hackers gaining access to your computer systems and is perfect for small businesses.

CyberLynx also offers their intrusion detection and response technology which allows our consulting services to monitor networks for attacks around the clock. In addition, with our vulnerability scanning and remediation, we can scan your networks for any vulnerabilities that may attract hackers. 

With these findings, we will analyze, prioritize, and address vulnerabilities to patch holes before attacks can cause significant damage to your company. 

2. CyberArk

CyberArk is a small business cybersecurity consulting service that uses unique technology to create identity security programs. During the planning process, they will implement security without sacrificing the operations of your business.

With their strategic recommendations, they’ll use identify security to ensure you have everything you need while feeling confident that your systems remain secure. In addition, CyberArk also offers insider threat protection and IoT and Operational Security. 

3. AlienVault

AlientVault is an open threat cybersecurity consultant service. With the assistance of AlientVault, your business will have access to over twenty million indicators of cyber threats worldwide. This cybersecurity consulting service works with organizations to share up-to-date information about cyber threats and other malicious attacks.

One of the unique features of their services is that anyone part of the community can contribute information, research, and cyber threat data directly to AlientVault. By sharing this vital information now onto AlienVault, your small business will be able to stay up-to-date about the latest threats from over one hundred and forty countries. 

With AlientVault’s open threat security, you’ll have free access to the same tool that other expensive cybersecurity consulting services use. This is one of the most affordable small business consulting companies today. 

4. FireEye

With the services of FireEye cybersecurity, your small business can eliminate the stress of preparing, preventing, and responding to a cyber attack. FireEye provides real-time updates on cyber threats coming from around the world. Their cybersecurity consulting company has over twenty years of experience and over three hundred and fifty-thousand cybersecurity investigations.

With FireEye cybersecurity consulting services, your small business will protect sensitive data and intellectual property from malicious cyber threats. 

5. Rapid 7

Rapid 7 is one of the best small business cybersecurity companies in 2023. With their services, your small business will gain visibility into cybersecurity challenges and how to develop the best solutions when a cyber threat occurs. Their goal is to help small businesses securely advance their networks with confidence.

With the Rapid 7 platform, your small business can collect data from multiple areas to become aware of vulnerabilities and hacker behavior. The Rapid 7 platform can shut down a cyber attack when it occurs. Their cybersecurity consultants work together to ensure your small business receives only the best security that suits your organization's needs and goals.

With Rapid 7, your business will have access to the following:

  • Cloud Security - Cloud security will allow your company to provide continuous security measures in the cloud.
  • XDR and SIEM - With XDR and SIEM, you can enhance your detection and response abilities to increase efficiency and automation for quicker response methods.
  • Threat Intelligence - With the threat intelligence feature, your small business can monitor over a thousand sources across the dark web to help identify and eliminate cyber threats that target your sensitive data.
  • Vulnerability Risk Management - The vulnerability risk management feature lets you view present risks.

If you’re looking for a small business cybersecurity company with many features available on its platform, Rapid 7 is a great choice.

6. McAfee

You’ve probably already heard of McAfee services, as it’s one of the most popular programs among computer systems. McAfee is one of the most prominent leaders in online cybersecurity. With McAfee web protection, your small business will have access to their easy-to-use WebAdvisor to prevent you from coming into contact with harmful websites and other cyber threats.

McAfee offers one of their advanced packages for $89.99 per year and provides features such as bank and credit card transaction monitoring, password manager, identity monitoring, and antivirus protection.

7. DarkTrace

DarkTrace has been one of the top leaders in cybersecurity worldwide since 2013. They provide services to over eight thousand clients to protect them from cyber threats and attacks on their cloud. Darktrace provides Cyber AI Loop, a system that provides feedback to help prevent, detect, and adequately respond to a cyber attack with only the best solutions.

DarkTrace services small businesses, media corporations, infrastructure companies, educational institutions, and more. Even though their headquarters are in Cambridge, UK, they provide cybersecurity consulting services to more than one hundred and ten countries. Darktrace was even named one of the most influential companies in 2021.

If you’re looking for one of the best small business cybersecurity companies that is AI-based, DarkTrace is an excellent choice.

8. ForcePoint

With the services of ForcePoint cybersecurity, your small business can gain insight into which assets are most essential to your organization and be provided with the best solutions to protect them. 

With their experience and resources, their cybersecurity consultants can improve your cybersecurity measures and support your unique goals and needs. From beginning to end, they will protect your sensitive data so you can feel confident and stress-free regarding your business operations.

ForcePoint has worked for thirty years providing cybersecurity services to their clients in almost every field. With data security consulting, their consultants will provide your small business with the answers you need to develop only the best security measures. During the pre-consulting process, they will design your cybersecurity solutions, create a checklist to implement security measures, and provide knowledge for policies and users.

With their data security program, their cybersecurity consultants will do the following:

  • Keep documentation of current security measures
  • Implement recommendations based on prior security experience
  • Prioritize the most essential assets
  • Design the program based on the workflow of your business and tune-up current policies and evaluations.

9. KnowBe4

KnowBe4 is one of the best cybersecurity companies that provides security awareness and solutions for preventing and responding to cyber-attacks. With the assistance of their add-on features and SecurityCoach, your small business can prevent hackers from accessing your networks and can provide training that will save your small business money.

With the KnowBe4 user-friendly platform, your small business can receive results twice as fast as other small business cybersecurity consulting companies. One of the most impressive stats is that their team of employees consists of around fifty percent women, a big jump compared to other cybersecurity companies.

In addition, KnowBe4 also provides various free tools for areas such as phishing, security awareness, password, email security, and malware. KnowBe4 will provide your small business with high-quality solutions at an affordable price, which all small businesses can benefit from with limited resources.

Small Business Cybersecurity Consulting Services: FAQ

1. What are the top cybersecurity consultancies?

The top cybersecurity consultancies are CyberLynx, CyberArk, AlienVault, FireEye, and Rapid 7. 

2. How much should I charge as a cybersecurity consultant?

The average hourly rate for a cybersecurity consultant is $145, while the average day rate is $870.

3. Who is number 1 in cybersecurity?

As of 2022, in the top 10 list of cyber powers, the United States is number 1.


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