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Is Outsourcing An IT Help Desk Beneficial To My Business?



Although our digital world gives companies the efficiency they need to support their users, even the most well-designed infrastructure can have issues. Companies will experience problems, and customers, among other users, expect a team of experts to help them when needed.

IT is the key that helps a company function to make the best of business solutions. If a business has high user demand, this may put a strain on your IT infrastructure, making it overwhelmed with tickets. An increase in tickets will have you dealing with user frustration, long wait times, and staff burnout.


How can your company manage the burden of offering help desk support services? To take your company to the next level, IT help desk outsourcing is essential. Doing so will allow your company to streamline operations, leading to improved efficiency, customer service improvement, and lower costs.


As you continue reading, we’ve compiled a list of the top benefits of IT help desk outsourcing.

What are Help Desk Services?

A help desk can give your company the technical support to address customer issues and guide end users through tasks and actions specific to your company’s needs. The critical goal of IT help desk support services is to provide resolutions as swiftly as possible. Most companies have help desk management software to create, manage, and resolve issues.

Why Are Help Desk Support Services Important?


Help desk support services are critical to having a successful organization. The main goal of IT help desk service is to provide practical solutions to customer queries. The core function of help desk services, ticket management, can help sort your company’s customer interactions by date and how urgent they are.


By developing ticket management automation, your company can speed up the process of resolving cases. Having IT help desk outsourcing is vital for companies to offer more holistic services. While acquiring a help desk is more of a strategic approach, you’ll need to have it just right to build a strong foundation for your company. 

Top Benefits of IT Help Desk Outsourcing

1. Remote Work

With remote work causing ticket requests to increase, this creates a challenge for companies to accommodate this amount of tickets. Now more than ever, it’s essential for your company to invest in IT solutions to help your teams be productive.


However, working remotely can create a challenge for IT departments to provide outstanding service. As remote work increased after the pandemic, your company should optimize the process, including monitoring and management. That said, this includes help desk services for customers and employees.


With IT help desk outsourcing, your company can provide your remote workers with the help they need immediately. As opposed to allowing your workers to go offline for hours, an outsourced help desk will allow your stay to remain productive, even while working remotely. 

2. Cost-Effective

Manual ticket management can become costly for companies, so outsourcing your help desk services can reduce costs. Pricing can depend on the type of help desk solutions and service level, however, you can significantly improve your operations costs when you outsource your help desk.


One of the most significant benefits is that it’s cheaper to have help desk services than to take on internal resources. With help desk services, your company won’t have to:


  • Train your team
  • Shell out money for benefits
  • Buy your own equipment
  • Manage or retain your employees


With knowing your price, your company will be able to calculate what to spend on help desk outsourcing. When you bring on a managed service provider, you won’t have any surprise costs.


In addition, with IT help desk outsourcing, you’ll gain improved productivity and free up additional time and resources to take on different activities.

3. Increase in Productivity

With help desk services, you can keep your employees productive. According to HubSpot, over ninety percent of employees have said that having help desk services helped them to remain effective.


With help desk services, your company will have the advantage of employee expertise and knowledge to use towards highly demanding tasks. In addition, it also allows your IT employees who work in-house to grow your business by focusing on more critical areas, as opposed to wasting time on minor issues a help desk can handle.


Depending on the type of help desk service you outsource, your company requests a team of experts to focus on specialized areas. All you will need to do is call your help desk, talk with an expert, and continue to push forward. Help desk services are the easiest way to increase productivity and performance.

4. Improve User Experience

In the United States, companies lose over four trillion dollars every year because of poor customer service. This is one of the main reasons companies choose to outsource an IT help desk to improve their user experience.


As with any business, users and customers expect a lot. Bringing on help desk services means that your company can meet your user’s demands without burning out your other staff. That said, your IT department will have more breathing room while your customers are having their needs immediately addressed. 

5. Stay Competitive

One of the most significant areas of competition with companies is customer service, especially when a market is overly saturated. When you outsource your help desk, your company will be able to gain an advantage over your competitors.


When you have better customer service, you’ll be able to retain more of your customers and will be able to justify pricing higher than your competition. With this approach, your business will stand out by offering faster services with the assistance of your help desk. 

6. Scale Offerings Without Issue

Many businesses hire help desk services for a particular service level every month. However, if your company experiences an unexpected increase in demand, your help desk can scale the offerings to accommodate the demand.


By outsourcing your help desk, you’ll have solutions right when you need them and during times of crisis. All you’ll have to do is make a one-time payment to take care of everything.


If your business wants to scale, bringing on an outsourced help desk can help avoid problems. Since scaling is a great solution, it can help you identify issues with any type of product or area of your website. Scaling can track performance information that your business can use to make more informed decisions. 

7. Saves Time

Depending on the type of help desk service you choose, your company can offer around-the-clock support to your customers almost immediately. With an outsourced help desk, you can reduce your response times and save additional time for your IT teams to focus on more meaningful demands.

8. Improves Response Times

When you have poor help desk services, it can dramatically affect the relationship between your business and IT teams. Without the proper structure, response times from your in-house IT team can be very slow. Worst of all, it may not be able to solve technical issues, which can be costly for your business.


When help desk services meet response times, they will avoid any penalties and build better relationships that can lead to long-term work. When you have the right tools, you can significantly improve your response time as well.

9. Flexibility

If you ask anyone, they’ll tell you that IT issues are never the same. For example, during a transition, your help desk call volumes are more than likely to increase. When outsourcing your help desk, you can quickly scale any resources to demand changes.


Having flexibility will not only guarantee your company reliable support but ensures you’ll never have to stress about hiring or training during high demand. Flexibility can also help control your costs, leading your business to only pay for processed tickets instead of wasting money on inconsistent work.

10. Focus IT Teams on Innovation and Strategy

When your business runs into technical issues, your IT department may be consumed with other activities. As a result, your company can lose its strategic focus, risking profits, productivity, and, worst of all, unsatisfied customers.


One of the benefits of outsourcing your help desk is that it can allow your IT team to keep their focus on both innovation and strategy. Advanced technologies are emerging daily in our digital world, so help desk services can help your company innovate faster.


Instead of having your IT team stay on top of technical issues, help desk services can give your IT team the strength that it needs to stay ahead of emerging opportunities to reel in results.

11. Solve Management Challenges

Help desk services require the organizational skills of many managers, and the task of keeping a bell desk may seem challenging. When you have an outsourced help desk, you can direct those managers to other areas of your IT department while solving problems that often affect your help desk. By taking this approach, you can provide a more rewarding experience for your employees.

12. Service Outside of Business Hours

With in-house IT teams, it may not be easy to maintain your systems outside of regular business hours. When this happens, customers can grow frustrated when encountering issues without proper help desk support. With IT help desk services, you'll have assistance around-the-clock, giving your customers the reassurance they need to know someone will always be there to help.

Why Should Your Company Outsource Its IT Help Desk?

Although there are many reasons why your company should outsource its help desk, here are a few more reasons to remember.


  • It’s cost-effective
  • IT help desk services will allow you scalability regarding how much support your company needs at any time.
  • With help desk services, you’ll have access to some of the best experts in the field who have the best skills
  • Around-the-clock-support, helping your customers after business hours
  • Peace of mind


Take some time to review the following:


Many companies find that outsourcing their help desk turns out to be more affordable than having an in-house department. Help desk services will allow your company to take advantage and avoid any costs that are related to hiring and training any new staff members.


When you outsource your help desk services, you can adjust your support levels according to your company’s specific needs. By having this flexibility, you can ensure your business will adapt to any unexpected circumstances. You won’t need to worry about spending the time to hire or lay off employees.

Access to Experts

IT help desk services can give your company specialized support from their highly-skilled experts that you won’t receive from an in-house IT support team. These experts can provide what you need, especially for smaller and mid-sized companies with limited resources.

Peace of Mind

When you outsource your help desk, you will instantly have the stress lifted from your shoulders. With help desk services, you’ll have help from a highly-skilled expert and don’t need to worry about wasting any time when things go wrong.


When it comes to managing technical needs, help desk services can provide your company with many benefits, like a reduction in costs, improved efficiency, and quality of service. When you have the backup from these highly-skilled experts, you're guaranteed to have peace of mind. 

24/Hour Support

When you outsource your help desk, your company can benefit in multiple time zones and with users in different locations. This around-the-clock support ensures your company will receive assistance anytime, whether day or night. 

Are There Any IT Managed Services Near Me?

At CyberLynx, our help desk services provide your business with prompt assistance when you’re having technical difficulties. Whatever issue you’re experiencing, your team can call, text, or email to receive immediate help from our designated techs. You’ll never have to be connected to a tech who isn’t familiar with your team.


CyberLynx can provide you with excellent services from our local techs. To find out more about our help desk services, contact us today. 

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